Of dreams

What do I do?

I do many things, I suppose—much like you who are reading this; I’m an editor, writer, artist, wannabe musician (still working on it), daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend.

Of the 7.125 billion people in the world, and counting, what’s so special about me?

I’m an editor, writer and artist. What this means is that I’m not only able to just edit or write a piece of work to your specifications—I am also equipped with a balanced mix of creative vision and the ability to see what your own vision is, helping you take your writing or business where you want it to go.

And above all that, I’m someone who believes in listening, really listening, to what my clients are looking for.

I’m a dream-maker.

So what can I do? The short, straightforward answer is that what I can do is to make raw, unpolished stuff look good. Making language work for you, helping you achieve your vision—that’s what I can do for you. For a more detailed answer, check out my Services page.

I specialise in the following:

  • all print and digital media—from blog posts to magazines to books
  • academic literature—e.g. medical research papers, human rights reports
  • corporate copy and reports—e.g. web and marketing copy, and annual reports
  • creative works—prose and poetry

Interested in what I can do for you? Want a no-obligation quote? Leave me a message here and I’ll get back to you within 3 business days.

In the meantime, keep dreaming. That’s how all great things come to life.


If you’re here on this page, you’re probably wondering what it’s like to work with me, what it’s like to engage me as your editor, writer, or what my workshops are like.

Here’s what people think—



“We have both really enjoyed the workshop and loved the classes, you did a fantastic job facilitating the workshop … please let us know if you plan on running any more workshops during the year, as I would be really keen to attend.”

Lulu Nyirenda, Executive


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