General Editing

Geraldine Stallard has more than a decade of editing experience across the publishing and PR/Comms industries.

“Write drunk, edit sober.”

But don’t let the fear of editing paralyse you—ask for help!


$30 per hour (or per 300-word page)

This service ensures that the page proofs are as error-free as possible, but without making any significant edits to the original copy. This is great for copy that is almost ready to be published. Say good riddance to well-hidden typos and badly cropped images!


$45 per hour

This service focuses on grammar and typographical errors, and will include some structural editing where necessary. This is great for a quick check of copy that you’re already satisfied with, or great for the second (or third, or fourth) round of editing for an already edited document. Think of this as a systematic clean-up, making sure that you’re all ready to go with no potentially disastrous typos!

Line editing

$55 per hour

This service will focus on editing for tone of voice (TOV) and style of writing, and will include copyediting and structural editing of the document. This service is great for polishing business copy (think websites, product descriptions, catalogues, newsletters) to suit your brand’s style and vision. Make language work for you, not against you! This service is also great for creative writing that needs loving attention.

Still unsure about the difference between line editing and copyediting? The article “What is the Difference Between Copyediting and Line Editing?” by NY Book Editors is a quick, illuminating read.

Developmental editing

$80–$100 per hour*

*depending on level of work needed

This service will focus on helping you to develop your manuscript (or any other copy/text), closing loopholes and solving content or structural issues. This service is great for copy that needs writing guidance, such as book manuscripts and theses, and will help you with constructing the framework for the text. With developmental editing, I’ll help you work through what’s working, what’s not working, and how we can make your project better. With developmental editing, you will receive from me: (i) a brief editorial report (either in the body of an email or in a letter) summarising what’s working and what’s not working—plot, narrative style, logic etc—and suggest solutions; and (ii) detailed notes attached to your manuscript.

Working with Geraldine for almost a year now has transformed my business. As a copywriter and marketer, you’re working with words—sometimes thousands of them, every day—and there comes a point where you just glaze and need a professional outsider to give you the ‘all good’. 

Storm Ellyatt, Kase Media

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