Use the power of
PR and Communications
to achieve your vision.

The absolute power words can have—to do good, to bring dreams to life, to heal—cannot be overstated.

And the lasting brand impact behind a sound, well-considered PR+Comms strategy and supporting content will bring your brand and vision to the next level.

Let’s get to work.


Strategy, approach and content consultation, working with you to iron out the kinks and figure out what’s important and what’s not.


Planning + Development

Strategy and content planning + development, presenting you with a comprehensively developed plan of attack.

This includes the following:
– Objectives and approaches
– Content planning and scheduling (print, digital, socials, eDMs)
– Media planning (media placements, media liaison)


Content Production

Getting the word out there for you, so you don’t have to.

This encompasses the following:
– Blog articles | $60-$80/hr*
– Press releases | $70-$90/hr*
– Feature stories | $80/hr
– Opinion editorials | $100/hr
– Speeches | $60-$80/hr*
– Video scripts | $70/hr
– Web copy | $70/hr
– Email templates | $60/hr

*Depending on complexity

“For Prime Mover, Geraldine delivered detailed and timely briefs across a gamut of innovative solutions and new products launched to market… Geraldine’s editorials for relevant news and events were a hallmark of the skill she brings to her role as an engaged communicator.”

William Craske, Editor Prime Mover magazine

Working with Geraldine has transformed my business… Not only is she an expert, she’s quick, reliable and takes all the stress out.

Storm Ellyatt, Kase Media

Let’s make something beautiful together.