If you’re here on this page, you’re probably wondering what it’s like to work with me, what it’s like to engage me as your editor, writer, or what my workshops are like.

Here’s what people think—



“I have really enjoyed the depth of academic/literary knowledge shared by Geraldine, as well as the practical side of things … I look forward to an intermediate level course to continue my learning. Hands down the most relevant, practical and enjoyable writing course I have ever taken—Geraldine is an inspiration!”

Lisa Hoad, Teacher

“We have both really enjoyed the workshop and loved the classes, you did a fantastic job facilitating the workshop … please let us know if you plan on running any more workshops during the year, as I would be really keen to attend.”

Lulu Nyirenda, Executive

“[Geraldine was] very good, very approachable and encouraging with practical feedback … It was a great way to begin my writing journey, to build confidence to strive for the next level.”

Anne Gleeson, Teacher

“The class was conversational so it wasn’t boring, but I learned as much as I did in my Bachelor’s fiction writing class. It would be great to do a screenwriting, creative non-fiction or poetry workshop!”

Haley Zilberberg, Content Writer

“I loved interacting with others in the class, brainstorming ideas and getting those creative juices flowing together. It was very clear that Geraldine knew what she was talking about. She was very passionate and evoked that in every participant.”

Catherine Brown, Research Assistant

“Loved the Let’s Prose workshop, thank you! It was in-depth, detailed and pushed me out of my comfort zone. The writing exercises were great and well thought out. Longer workshop sessions are needed—two hours flew by!”

Amani Gunawardana, Writer and Teacher



“Working with Geraldine for almost a year now has transformed my business. As a copywriter and marketer, you’re working with words—sometimes thousands of them, every day—and there comes a point where you just glaze and need a professional outsider to give you the ‘all good’. Geraldine is such a lifesaver. Not only is she an expert (like she ACTUALLY wrote a book about punctuation and grammar), she’s quick, reliable and takes all the stress out of the editing process. Can not live without this powerhouse; she’s cut my process and project time in half!”

Storm Ellyatt, Kase Media