So, the literary journal that I manage (if you haven't already heard about The Eloquent Orifice, check it out here) just got interviewed by Asian Books Blog. If you're interested in reading the interview (that really wasn't a question), you can read it here. (Will be back with more posts soon after publication of The Eloquent Orifice's …

Design – William Morris

Some midweek beauty to look at right here!

Melissa Lane

William Morris was a Victorian poet, novelist, designer and socialist closely associated with the pre-Raphaelite movement. I can’t remember when I first heard about his work, but I started becoming interested in it during my honours year, when I researched one of his contemporaries, the painter-poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Chances are that even if you’ve never heard of Morris you’ve come across some of his designs: they seem to be in vogue at the moment and are sold on all sorts of products – postcards, letter sets, mugs, notebooks, colouring books, calendars – at bookstores. If you happen to have seen them, you’ll know that they’re intricate patterns featuring natural imagery and that many of them are medieval in style. It’s hard to tell exactly how many there are, given the countless edited versions that exist online, but the Victoria and Albert Museum states that Morris created over 50 wallpapers, while other websites…

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Name update ;)

I've gotten married over the weekend, and I'm taking on my husband's last name 🙂 So... just a heads up that I'll be going by Geraldine Stallard now! Cheers xo

Open call!

So as you may know, I am part of a dedicated team at The Eloquent Orifice, an online literary journal publishing a variety of works, ranging from critical essays to creative works. And it's that time of the year again when we put out an open call for submissions, in preparation for the upcoming issue! I …